About Us

Here at Dandy Job, the goal is to provide you with the best possible products backed with the best possible service.

Now specializing in Wah Pedals but looking forward to continuously adding new and different products. As a working musician myself, it is of utmost importance to provide high end products at reasonable prices. All products are made with newly manufactured quality components and have been tested at real clubs and recording studios by me.  Most importantly, every product that leaves my shop is handmade by me so that I can see to it that you will be getting the same top quality goods that I would want for myself.

The objective is to help you find a tone that will inspire you to play better. Sure, we all look to our heroes for inspiration, but when it comes down to it the real question is what do YOU sound like? You can always aspire to sound like your hero but at the end of the day you are going to sound like you, which is actually for the better. Finding your own sound with how you play and the instruments and equipment you use is much more satisfying then hunting for the Holy Grail of tone that is just at the end of the rainbow, if you could just get that leprechaun to stand still. Here at Dandy Job we don’t sell you magic mojo made out of vintage-dust-relic-aged-garb-vibe. Trust me, when you-own-your-tone you’ll feel it, and so will everyone listening.

Contact Dandy Job for topnotch handmade quality products designed by musicians for a musicians.