True Bypass Mods Instruction

True Bypass:

I recommend this mod for all wah pedals, at least ones that don’t already have true bypass. The wah pedal is turned off, in stock form it will change the sound of your guitar, by loading down your signal. You will loose both the high end of the signal and it will also make your guitar less dynamic. This is particularly true for older wah pedals. Some newer pedals have buffers that help somewhat so the change is not as great. But I prefer the true bypass mod, which offers the most transparent sound when the effect is turned off.

In your Whipple kit is included a 3PDT switch. This means “triple pole, double throw.”
If you are not already familiar with this switch it can be a little confusing. You see there are 9 pins on the bottom of the switch. They are rectangular in shape. When wiring turn the switch so it looks like navigate signs, (not columns) this way you will have the wires going to the correct pins.  This drawing shows how the switch works in each position.

Notice the 3 set of pins hence the “triple pole” and the two positions AKA “double throw”



This switch also allows the use of an indicating LED.

When wiring this switch for true bypass you will only need to use 6 of the 9 pins,
The other 3 are for the LED, and are not used if you are not installing an LED.
(more on that later)

Because there are many different models of wah pedals there are a few different versions of the wiring.

Old School Wahs


70’s-80’s Vox and Crybaby


Vox 847


Dunlop Rev.D


Dunlop Rev. E, F, G, H, I

wah insides Rev F, G, H

Most of these installs are fairly straight forward in terms of what goes where. The Green arrow is pointing to (C9) which is a capacitor. The earlier versions this part looks a little different but the part is in the same spot.  You need to unsolder just one end of this cap, the side the arrow is pointing to. And then solder the wire to that freed end, as shown.