Whipple Wah Inductor 100K ICAR Pot fits Most Wah Wah pedals


These parts are compatible with most Wah Pedals.

CryBaby, Dunlop, Vox, Fulltone, Teese

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Hello Friends!!!

These parts are compatible with most Wah Pedals.


For installation please check Dandy Job

This listing is just the Whipple Wah and just the 100K ICAR taper Wah pot.

This is for folks that already have true bypass in their pedals, or already have a switch handy.

These are the same high quality parts found in my other listings.

The Whipple Wah Inductor, is the world’s best sounding Wah inductor. Each one is meticulously made and tested by me to exacting specs.

Adding a Whipple Wah Inductor to any stock wah Pedal will provide for a smoother more expressive wah playing experience. Rich with overtones, and a clear fundamental. It’s like taking the wool off
your stock pedal.

The 100K ICAR Wah Pot, it built to my specs, and provides a wider and more controllable sweet spot on your pedal, now you can get the full range of your wah pedal’s sweep. It’s a long life pot and will
sweeten the deal.

The combination of the Whipple Wah Inductor and 100K ICAR Wah Pot will provide hours of musical enjoyment for the whole family. 

More Wah, Less Mess.

This listing is for:
1. Whipple Wah Inductor
2. 100K ICAR Whipple Wah Pot

This is me playing with my band What Blues. I’m using the Whipple wah pedal during the solo.

(the back of the Les Paul Double cutway is featured in the picture, some gorgeous looking wood)

Another sound sample with the Whipple Wah