ICAR Taper 100K Wah Pot Fits Most Wah Wah Pedals


Top Notch ICAR Taper 100K Wah Potentiometer

This part is compatible and will work with most
Wah Wah Pedals


VOX, Dunlop, Crybaby, Fulltone, Teese, Budda, Clyde McCoy, Thomas Organ

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Top Notch ICAR Taper 100K Wah Potentiometer

This part is compatiable and will work with most Wah Wah Pedals








Clyde McCoy

Thomas Organ

If you are on a tone hunt to get the best out of your Wah, you have arrived my friend. This exceptional 100K ICAR tapered Potentiometer, has a remarkably smooth sweep. This 100K ICAR tapered pot will allow to get the full spectrum of tones out of your Wah Pedal.

The workmanship of this pot is better then any of the others I have seen, including the big brand names. Easy to install, and will make a welcome upgrade to any Wah. They also come with a great dust cover, that keeps out dust, dirt, and bad vibes ; )

I use the very same potentiometer in all the pedals that I build and service.

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Customer Comment:

That pot is fantastic. I had changed my Wah-Wah Pedal (circa 1969) with the narrower Q-band and Mid-range mods which almost made it work – but not quite. After changing to the ICAR taper pot,
the unit really has that talk factor which requires minimal foot movement. I note that the original was a standard 100k Linear taper which just doesn’t really cut it, so you have certainly got the log sweep area right. Thanks for the fast delivery too.