THE WHIPPLE PCB wah board Fits Crybaby Vox most pedals


THE WHIPPLE wah pcb board! Fits crybaby vox and most wah pedals.

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THE WHIPPLE wah pcb board! fits crybaby vox and most wah pedals.

Dear Dandy Friends,

Is it with great pleasure and excitement that I finally bring to you THE WHIPPLE Wah pcb board. Made possible with lots of help from my good friend and Whipple customer Eric Bernhardt – engineer extraordinaire.

This quality extra thick (.09″), and tasty board is the classic wah circuit, made to fit THE WHIPPLE inductor and your choice of caps, transistors and resistors.

The traces are masked and the holes run clear through the board and are set into the glass epoxy, making it almost impossible to loft of the traces while you are soldering.

The board is silk screened with all of the parts and there standard values. In a few resistor locations that show a range of values so you can try out a few different things, and tweak to perfection.

Now you can make your own wah pedal from the ground up.

You can ditch the old board and pick the parts you really like.

For Instructions on wiring up your Whipple PCB check out